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In out last month cards respect about saving and investing. The which assets can you invest in? They’re different types of assets let’s take a look at three of the most important starting with sheds also known as equity. In simple terms Patiala isn’t ownership certificate.

Basics #1

Which means that if you but a share you have a stake unaccompanied this gives you seven rights there to do the right to sharing its success. If the value of a chair rises the company may decide to make payments to its shareholders know as dividends. On the other hand losses and made no dividends my campaign for the share price pint drop. Generally speaking the share price depends on supply and demand. Which is influenced by the companies profitability the dividend paste long-term business prospects for the general sentiment of investors and consumers.


Basics #2

Now let’s have a look at fixed interest securities will soon and his bonds. With the bonds give money to the company which in return pacing interest and pays you back the bard amounts maturity. Unlike she’s all stead and give you a stake and company. They could be issued by a company expats regional and local authorities suck as municipalities. We may have shorts or long maturities and pay high or low interest rates depending on the creditworthiness occurred except and the basic interest rate levels in the capital markets.


Basics #3

Generally balms offered greater price stability than she’s for that price can rise or fall according to changes in interest rates or the credit worthiness of the debtor fixed interest investments institute for investors who wish to receive a steady income. Another has a class is real estate. Real estate can be either land or buildings at the building is a quiet for investment purposes and one common aim is to rent the property to obtain rental income. In general depends on the location, purpose, a condition of the building.


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